Morra & Polla Drum Workshops & Events

In 2023 myself and Paul Avenant will host a few workshops together as “Morra & Polla”. We are going to invite a lot of big names in die music industry / drum community to come and give workshops and share their stories and experiences.

Workshop - The Role of a Drummer
28 January 2023 | 10:00

Paul Avenant and I will kick off the first workshop of the year on 28 January 2023. Paul is going to show us what the role of the drummer is when you are playing in a band. Which is really important to know in today’s music industry.
Mornay is going to talk about the technical side of drumming, How to use rudiments in your playing. And how to build a groove or fill from the ground up.

86 Tulbagh st, Worcester
Hugo Naudé Art Centre
Entrance fee: R100 Online / R120 at the Door

Hangout with us

In the hangout sessions it is all about building a better drumming community. If you attend the first workshop on 28 January, you will get more details of what we are doing to do in the Hangout’s.
The hangouts will be a free event.


I am very active on Instagram with short videos & to inspire your practice time. There is also a lot of drum covers, church session for you to enjoy.

Youtube Channel

Mornay Wandrag launched Mornay Drumming on YouTube in 2017 in the pursuit of making his passion his lifestyle. Starting with drum covers to every second week to entertain people, he will be growing his channel in 2018 with shot lessons.

Paul Bothner Music

Mornay Wandrag is a proud representative of Paul Bothner Music in Stellenbosch, South Africa and if you live in the Boland and Wineland areas you can buy any Paul Bothner Music equipment by contact him.

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