About the Academy

Mornay Wandrag believes that you should make your passion your lifestyle and as a result started Mornay Drumming Academy in 2017. Taking his passion for teaching, he is helping other inspiring drummers to live out their passion for this increasable interment.

Having taught at Zamar Academy of Music as a drum instructor he felt it was time to spread his to start his own academy where he will incorporates the wonderful advances of online lessons along with personal one-on-one classes.

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Class Info & Schedule

Mornay Drummer Academy is open to students ages 7 and up and we offer two class lengths, a 30min or 45min class once per week. The manual is included in the registration fee and homework will be given weekly, students need to come prepared for their lessons. A list of what the student will need will be provided at the first lesson.

Class Times

If students are not on time, the lesson will be for the remainder of the scheduled class and if the student cannot attend their scheduled class time, the student has to make prior arrangement with their instructors 24h before the scheduled class, to ensure a rescheduling.

Class Fees & Cancellation

Once-Off Registration: R100 One Weekly Lesson of 30min: R460 per month. One Weekly Lesson of 45min: R560 per month. Monthly fee must be paid in advance before or on the 1st of each month and cancellation of classes with Mornay Drumming Academy must be done one month in advance.

Enrollment Form For Under 18



Enrollment Form For 18+



Youtube Channel

Mornay Wandrag launched Mornay Drumming on YouTube in 2017 in the pursuit of making his passion his lifestyle. Starting with drum covers to every second week to entertain people, he will be growing his channel in 2018 with shot lessons.

Paul Bothner Music

Mornay Wandrag is a proud representative of Paul Bothner Music in Stellenbosch, South Africa and if you live in the Boland and Wineland areas you can buy any Paul Bothner Music equipment by contact him.

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